Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Poke In The Eye

The original Arkive's "eye" logo

Well, the process of going through what I've got archived from the original Synchronicity Arkive is taking a LOT longer than I thought it would. In the meantime, here are some fun links to the Internet Wayback Machine.

The very first iteration of the Synchronicity Arkive (circa 1995-1996):

By 1997, when the Dark Side Of The Rainbow hit the mass media, the Synchronicity Arkive looked more like this:

A much later version of the Arkive (circa 2003-2005?): (The synch that started it all)

My first attempt at recapturing some of that content generated a big mess of HTML that was not in any usable form. At least when it comes to transferring it to Blogger. So, back to the drawing board...



  1. I don't recall many of the specifics but I remember 1997 as being an amazingly fertile time at the old watering hole. Well done!

  2. An addition: I believe this is the content of the very first post to the Sync Ark I wrote (August 1997 or so), which went, word for word if I recall correctly, "Dark Side filled the Tinman's empty heart but for the brain no help was needed." Queer note, I know, but essential at the time. Got no response, hehe. Sync Ark was the first website I saw with graphics as well. Great moment; happened in the Duke Univ. library, probably late 1997 or early 1998 at latest. Remember the twinkling background stars. "So *this* is the Synchronicity Arkive," I remember thinking.

  3. The stars was more the influence on my personal favorite synch, Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite. I gotta admit, I was always a little disappointed that so many took to Dark Side of the Rainbow and disregarded Jupiter. At least when it came down to the debates around intentional synchs anyway. That was one of the early and frequent debates, as far as I recall. I think that might have been the first heated discussion on the message board, when I added that to the site.


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  4. I'll attempt to dig up some old links as well, probably with a lot of help from the Wayback Machine as well. You gots me curious. :)

    I've captured some of the old web sites on my own site. Maybe I should just write a short history of synching as I experienced it, at least during the "Golden Years" of about 1999-2005 or so. Would probably be fun looking back at that material. I always felt the most personally fulfilling synchronicity related board I created was called b_hivia from 2005-6, even though it only had about 6-7 regular posters and was not specifically a/v synch related. However, it grew directly out of what might have been the last, true a/v synching board called The Synching Troop or alternatively The Twin Duchs (2004-5) run by Virotti, and was an attempt to carry its energy forward. The limited number of people involved eventually undid it, among other reasons. The transition between The Synching Troop/Twin Duchs and b_hivia is where I'd personally mark the end of audiovisual synching, Golden Age style, probably Summer 2005.


    See if that works for others.

  6. Sorry for the multiple comments but figure I'd just go with a roll... was interested to see my first comment on that board contain the following breakdown of types of synchronicities. I find my thoughts about "platinum synching" then ironic and funny now. I don't see the bronze tiling as relevant any longer. I don't think. The 1st "true" platinum sync or synch is probably "Jesus Who?" which had already been created at the time. I should have added that multiple movies and multiple artists are involved. Jeez I tend to write a lot. (If anyone likes this I can produce more, smile.)

    QUOTE (12/2004)

    bronze tiling/synch: uses half album or equivalent
    example: 2001-Echoes

    silver tiling/synch: used whole album or equivalent
    example: Dark Side of the Rainbow

    gold tiling/synch: uses whole movie or equivalent
    example: SID's 1st Oz, Darkest City, Spirit of the Wind, Shared

    platinum tiling: uses multitude of whole movies or equivalent
    example: no real, true examples created yet, perhaps

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  8. Man I cannot believe the guy above is still aliver after a "century", hahaha. Hello guys, this is me, Virotti. I've been trying to upload the old synchs I have on the web, some on youtube when possible, some on Vimeo. Unfortunately Youtube allows many full movies but does not allow many of our synchs, but I'll do what I can. At least now Internet is a lot faster than in the 1990's, :)

  9. I've got a copy of 2001 and Dark Side of the Moon, and they seem to sync up. I've seen a lot of syncs myself, and this one looks like it may have been intentional. I'm just wondering if anybody else has heard anything about this.

  10. Hello everyone. I can't believe I've found you again. I was a regular contributor to the Synch Board around 98-99 when I was still in highschool, I even exchanged a few VHS tapes through the mail with a few of you. It's so nice to see a few familiar names and that the scene still thrives! I'm uploading the first synch I discovered right now. I fear Youtube will probably block it though because of copy written material. Does anyone know of an alternative to Youtube that allows full length movies to be uploaded? In the years between now and then, I have made my career in film making, check out my music videos and short films here:
    -Jon Meyer

  11. You should all join this group on facebook "Film Album Synchronicities"