Friday, June 27, 2014

So, it's been a LONG time between updates, I know. I am actually working on relaunching the Synchronicity Arkive. The new site will not be a glorified blog, or an inactive blog for that matter. It will feature all of the same kinds of material that made the original Arkive a fun site to visit and a resource for the synching community.

It is taking a bit longer to get that project fully realized however. So I thought I'd drop a quick update here. I'm hoping by mid-July, the site will be ready for the public. Currently, we're on target for that. I'll also post any updates here. In the meantime, there are some small synching groups on Facebook, as well as an event or two (Michael Allen has one coming up in St. Louis, definitely worth checking out).

Hope everyone that stops by is able to return when the Arkive truly relaunches. Thanks again for your patience.